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A mother in Minnesota teamed up with her daughter to thwart a burglar in their home.

FOX News Radio's Dave Anthony reports:

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A Minnesota man picked the wrong house to rob in St. Paul on Sunday.

(Larson) "This is our home.  We worked hard."

So when Rebecca Larson walked in and saw the burglar:

(Larson) "I was not going to let him out of the house."

But when she deadbolted the door;

(Larson) "He literally picked me up and threw me against the wall."

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Larson screamed to her daughter to get their gun, a pink gun Melissa pointed right at him.

(Hickman) "I actually wasn't nervous."

As she kept her distance, while they waited for the cops.

(Hickman) "So he couldn't get to me."

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Police ID'd the suspect as Marty Childs, who'd just gotten out of prison for burglary back in May.

(Larson) "Melissa and I are living proof that you don't have to take it.  You should fight back."

Dave Anthony, FOX News Radio.

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