A Texas mom faces criminal charges and possible jail time over a middle school prank.

FOX News Radio's Chris Hoenig has the story:

Colleyville, Texas police say a group of kids staying at Tara Mauney's house TP'd a neighbor's house, left chicken parts in the mailbox and wrote vulgar phrases on the home in permanent marker.  They also say they have surveillance video from a nearby Walmart showing the 41 year-old and eight kids buying three 36-packs of toilet paper.

(Hall) "Tara had nothing to do with that."

Mauney's attorney, Tom Hall, puts the blame on the kids.

(Hall) "These are young children who snuck out of a house in the middle of the night."

As for the toilet paper, he says there's nothing illegal about stocking up.

(Hall) "I don't think we've got a big enough prison in Texas if we're gonna incarcerate everyone that bought toilet paper."

Mauney is charged with felony criminal mischief.  She's free on $7,500 bond, and faces up to two years in jail, if convicted.

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