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Would you willingly wrestle an alligator?  An elderly Florida man did.

FOX News Radio's Dave Anthony explains why:

Steve Gustafson loves his little dog.

(Gustafson) "She's my best friend."

So Friday, he was in horror when he looked in his backyard at The Villages in Lake County, Florida, and saw an alligator.

(Gustafson) "Taking off with Bounce in his mouth."

So the 66-year-old ran to the rescue.

(Gustafson) "And I got a hold of her back left foot with my left hand, and I got my arm around the gator's tail, and we were all under water."

And Gustafson freed the little Terrier and took off, suffering just a few bruises and on his hand...

(Gustafson) "...Punctures from the big teeth."

Little Bounce only needed a couple stitches, and Sunday, the seven-foot gator was trapped.

(Gustafson) "It's not like saving a child, but it's pretty close."

Dave Anthony, FOX News Radio.

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