A Judge clears the way for police to begin enforcing a controversial part of Arizona's SB 1070 immigration law.

FOX News Radio's Jessica Rosenthal reports:

Earlier this year, the Supreme Court upheld the so called 'show me your papers' provision of the law. And now the Federal Judge who once issued an injunction against it, says it can be enforced.

Newman: "We're very hopeful that people in Arizona will come forward and  report any abuse as 1070 Section 2B is implemented."

National Day Laborer Organizing Network's Legal Director Chris Newman says that abuse could eventually be used to challenge the provision on other Constitutional grounds. But Governor Jan Brewer says today is an important day for the state and for the rule of law.

Jessica Rosenthal, FOX News Radio.

Read a statement from Arizona Governor Jan Brewer below:

"Today is the day we have awaited for more than two years: the injunction against the heart of SB 1070 has been lifted, in accordance with the U.S. Supreme Court ruling in June. With SB 1070 in effect, state and local officers will be empowered to inquire about an individual's immigration status, but only as part of a legal stop or detention and when the officer has reasonable suspicion. I've never claimed that SB 1070 would cure Arizona's problems with illegal immigration; only the federal government has the resources and responsibility necessary to achieve that. What SB 1070 does represent is one more tool that our officers can use in collaborating with federal authorities to reduce the crime and other impacts associated with illegal immigration in our communities. In that regard, today is truly an important day for Arizona and supporters of the rule of law. But it is also a day like any other for our men and women in uniform who are charged with fairly and impartially enforcing the laws of this state, now including SB 1070. They bring their training and experience to this important task, as well as a solemn commitment to serving the public, protecting our citizens and upholding the law. That means all of our laws, including those barring racial profiling or discrimination. It is not enough that SB 1070 be enforced. It must be enforced efficiently, effectively and in harmony with the Constitution and civil rights. I have full faith and confidence that Arizona's State and local law enforcement officers are prepared for this task."