NASCAR hits the reset button as the top 12 Sprint Cup drivers begin their quest for the 2012 Sprint Cup Championship this weekend at the Chicagoland Speedway. Plus, Driver Jeff Gordon makes a fashion statement.

FOX News Radio's Marghiee "Trackside" Teshineh has more in this week's edition of "FOX in the Fast Lane":

FOX in the Fast Lane.

Michael Waltrip Racing is sending both Clint Bowyer and Martin Truex Junior to the Chase. Bowyer can't believe what he's done in his first year with Waltrip Racing.

Bowyer: "A new home. A new sponsor. A new manufacturer with Toyota. You know with everything new, never would have dreamed in a million years, you know that all of this would have happened this quickly."

For defending champ Tony Stewart, having nine bonus points going into the Chase could be the difference between winning and losing the cup, especially after last year.

Stewart: "Knowing that it came down to one point, you know at the end of the year last year, those nine points are huge right now."

And Matt Kenseth says, if you look at who made the Chase this year:

Kenseth: "I feel like you got twelve really quality championship caliber teams involved, and I think, I really think today it's anybody's game."

And take a look at Jeff Gordon's face this weekend. He's keeping a promise to regrow the mustache he used to sport early in his career if he made the Chase.

FOX in the Fast Lane. I'm Marghiee Teshineh, FOX News Radio.

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