Much is being made of Republican Presidential nominee Mitt Romney's wealth in this year's election, but how does he measure up with some of America's richest Presidents?

FOX's William LaJeunesse reports in this Election Update:

Does wealth make a good or bad President?  Well, Democrats claim because Mitt Romney is wealthy, he "doesn't get it;" that because he hasn't walked in the shoes of most Americans, he can't understand their problems.  But history tells us something else.

With million-dollar estates, sheltered childhoods, summer homes, boarding schools and trust funds, JFK and FDR rank among America's wealthiest Presidents.  Eight years ago, Barack Obama never mentioned John Kerry's summers in France.  An heir to one fortune who married into another, Kerry would've been the 3rd-richest President in U.S. history, after one who inherited almost everything he had: Thomas Jefferson, and perhaps the wealthiest man in America at the time, a businessman who married well: George Washington.

In Los Angeles, William LaJeunesse, FOX News Radio.