It's football season again, so the hits will keep on coming; and so could the head injuries.

FOX News Radio begins a ten part series investigating the growing concern about concussions in the sport:

Violence is part of football. The fans love it.

(Fan) "It adds some flavor to the game. I mean, I couldn't see watching it without it."

And the players accept it.

(Moon) "This gladiator mentality that they never want to admit that they have a weakness."

Now former NFL quarterback Warren Moon wonders what's going to happen to him as concussions and other head injuries keep adding up.

(Seau) "I pray to God, please!"

That was Junior Seau's mother after her son became the highest profile ex-player suicide as the NFL deals with a class action lawsuit involving some 3,000 former players.

But it's not just the pros that have problems. Kids hit hard too.

(Dr. Williams) "We think that there's something about the developing brain that makes it a bit more susceptible to concussion."

And as doctors like Vernon Williams better understand the brain; there are new rules, medical tests and equipment at all levels of football to try to reduce head injuries.

Dave Anthony, FOX News Radio.

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