He was a man who made his name owning and moving a football team. Former Baltimore Ravens owner Art Modell has died at the age of 87.

FOX News Radio's Ron Flatter reports:

He brought the NFL back to Baltimore...

(Modell) "We can never repay this community for all their support." ...And took it out of Cleveland.

(Browns Fan) "46 years season ticket holder, go Browns!"

Art Modell, who died at age 87, owned the Ravens back when they were the Browns.

(NFL Films) "The Cleveland Browns worthy wearers of Football's World's Championship."

That was 1964. Modell also negotiated collective-bargaining and TV deals for the NFL, pioneering Monday Night Football. He became a public enemy in Cleveland when he moved the Browns in 1996.

His Ravens won Super Bowl XXXV. Modell sold the team in 2003.

Ron Flatter, FOX News Radio.

READ a statement from former Ravens president David Modell as seen on baltimoreravens.com:

"Sadly, I can confirm that my father died peacefully of natural causes at 4 a.m. this morning.  My brother John Modell and I were with him when he finally rejoined the absolute love of his life, my mother Pat Modell, who passed away last October.   'Poppy' was a special man who was loved by his sons, his daughter-in-law Michel, and his six grandchildren. Moreover, he was adored by the entire Baltimore community for his kindness and generosity.  And, he loved Baltimore. He made an important and indelible contribution to the lives of his children, grandchildren and his entire community.  We will miss him."