Wednesday night marked history at the Democratic National Convention: The first time a former President gave the nominating speech for a sitting President.

FOX News Radio's Jessica Rosenthal was on the Convention floor for former President Bill Clinton's speech:

Bill Clinton blasted the GOP, boosted Obama and has basically hosted his own comedy half-hour - people are laughing constantly.  He said what works is cooperation, not conflict; that President Obama represents that and has demonstrated that by including people in his Administration who opposed him, including Hillary Clinton.

He also said - and this line got a lot of applause - that no one could repair the damage that President Obama found in just four years.

The nation's 42nd President touted President Obama's character and policy decisions in his headlining address, even giving a nod to First Lady Michelle Obama.

LISTEN to some of President Bill Clinton's Nominating Speech HERE:

President Clinton also wasted little time in addressing questions about tension and the relationship between his wife and President Obama:

Before the night's program got into full swing, there was a contentious moment on the floor as a vote was taken to reinstate references to God and the recognition of Jerusalem as Israel's capital to the Convention platform.

WATCH more on this vote HERE:

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With Republicans raising questions about the enthusiasm level surrounding the Democratic Party after President Obama's speech on Thursday was moved from the 65,000+-seat football stadium to the smaller indoor arena, some of the focus on Wednesday night was put on party unity.

WATCH as Missouri Rep. Emanuel Cleaver delivers an animated speech about unity at the DNC HERE:

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Speakers looked for every opportunity to attack the Romney-Ryan ticket over the course of the night.

Washington Sen. Patty Murray referenced Romney's "Seamus the dog incident" to describe Republican policies: