The first night of the Democratic National Convention featured long-time supporters of President Obama, as the Democrats kicked the President's re-election bid into high gear at the Time Warner Cable Arena in Charlotte, North Carolina.

FOX News Radio's Jessica Rosenthal was on the Convention floor as the First Lady took the stage:

The crowd here is on its feet, everybody here waving long, vertical blue signs that say "We love Michelle."  She comes on stage waving both hands.  This crowd is on its feet the minute Elaine Brye announced that Michelle Obama was going to be speaking.  They're waving their vertical blue signs, "We love Michelle."  Just thrilled to see her, hear from her and anxious to hear from her the case that she's going to make about the man she says she fell in love with 23 years ago and why he deserves to be reelected President of the United States.

There is perhaps no bigger supporter of the President than the night's biggest speaker, First Lady Michelle Obama.

The First Lady spoke about the character she sees in leading the country:

The Convention also featured the Democrat's first Hispanic Keynote Speaker, San Antonio Mayor Julian Castro.

Castro worked to energize the crowd, saying that President Obama holds the key to the United States' future:

Among the speakers to lead in to the First Lady was Chicago Mayor - and President Obama's former Chief of Staff - Rahm Emanuel.

Emanuel compared the President to GOP Presidential Nominee Mitt Romney on some of they key decisions to cross President Obama's desk in his first term:

After Clint Eastwood appeared at the RNC as a mystery guest, the Democrats also brought on an actor to speak at their political convention.

Kal Penn, of the "Harold & Kumar" and "National Lampoon's Van Wilder" movie franchises, referenced Eastwood's RNC appearance and Rahm Emanuel's speech before his:

WATCH President Jimmy Carter's VIDEO message to the DNC HERE:

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WATCH as the Time Warner Cable Arena is transformed for the DNC in this time-lapse VIDEO from the Convention's official YouTube HERE: