Isaac continues to move slowly across the northern Gulf Coast after making landfall in extreme southeastern Louisiana as a Category 1 hurricane on Tuesday night.  Meteorologists at the National Hurricane Center downgraded Isaac to a tropical storm on Wednesday afternoon, but the damage has already been done.  At least one death is being blamed on the storm, which has pushed water over a levee south of New Orleans.

FOX News Radio's Jeff Monosso reports from New Orleans, Louisiana before the storm was downgraded:

It's really pounding here with powerful winds and torrential rains and making things worse, Hurricane Isaac has stalled over us, essentially it's parked. And people in a mandatory evacuation zone just south of us in Plaquemines Parish are learning the hard way that when you're told to leave, you should leave. A levee has bee over-topped there and water is pouring in, and now up to rooftops.

(Nungesser) "Wooodland for instance is an area that never flooded, and we have five feet of water in the Woodland area."

Parish President Billy Nungesser.

National Guard troops are helping assist in the search and rescue now of people and their pets hiding in their attics.

In New Orleans, Jeff Monosso, FOX News Radio.

WATCH as FOX News Radio's Jeff Monosso shares a glimpse of Isaac in New Orleans, Louisiana:

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READ a statement from Plaquemines Parish:

Plaquemines Parish officials are coordinating with officials from St. Bernard Parish, GOHSEP, the National Guard, Coast Guard, State Police, the US Army Corps of Engineers and other state agencies to rescue stranded residents on the east bank of Plaquemines Parish from Braithwaite to Whiteditch. The back levee along that area has been overflowing with water since earlier today. Up to 12 feet of water has filled that community from the back levee to the Mississippi River.

Rescue efforts are now in progress. Local residents are rescuing other residents at this time. Our main concern now is to successfully rescue all residents from the affected area. More information will be sent out as it becomes available. 

WATCH to see LIVE tracking of Isaac from the FOX News Extreme Weather Center:

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