OK Kindergartner Forced to Turn College Shirt Inside Out

    Photo courtesy: KOKH - OKCFoxcom

    There's a buzz around the schools in Oklahoma's capital city, a controversy brewing over the decision to force a kindergartner to turn his t-shirt inside out because it supported a popular, legitimate college.

    FOX News Radio's Chris Hoenig explains:

    Audio clip:

    The 5-year-old's shirt didn't have any threatening messages or racy images, though it did have a wolverine...a University of Michigan wolverine.  Oklahoma City Public Schools have banned all apparel supporting pro sports teams and out-of-state college teams since 2005 because of concerns about gangs representing themselves with sports clothing.  Some aren't so sure:

    (Parent) "I don't think that wearing a different team's shirt is gonna disrupt class any more than an OU or an OSU shirt would."

    The school district says they'll review the policy, which some parents do back.

    (Parents) "If they set the rule, I think that we need to abide by that.//They don't need to wear superhero costumes to school, and Harley t-shirts and things like that.  They don't need that."

    Chris Hoenig, FOX News Radio.

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