AEHQ: Will Paul Ryan Help Steal the Youth Vote?

President Obama took the lion's share of the youth vote in the 2008 election, but does the addition of Paul Ryan to the GOP ticket give Republicans at a chance at taking enough of this demographic to help win this November?

FOX's Doug McKelway reports from Washington in this Election Update:

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From America's Election Headquarters...

The presence of 42-year-old Paul Ryan on the GOP ticket may be helping to slow a huge demographic advantage that President Obama enjoyed in 2008: the support of young voters.  Four years ago, exit polls showed that the 18-to-29 demographic voted for Obama over McCain by a 66%-32% margin.  A FOX News poll from August 5th of this year showed a loss of 10 percentage points in support from Obama's heady days of 2008 - and that was a week before Ryan joined the GOP ticket.

In Washington, Doug McKelway, FOX News Radio.