Another Afghan Recruit Kills 2 US Troops

    Yet another case of unfriendly fire in Afghanistan from someone U.S. troops thought they could trust. An Afghan recruit opened fire on U.S. troops Friday, killing two.

    FOX News Radio's Phil Ittner reports:

    Audio clip:

    An Afghan recruited into the Army just five days ago, opening up on U.S. forces and killing American service members before being killed himself.

    It's the sixth such incident in two weeks. It's not clear if the Taliban or other insurgents had a hand in it.

    The attack comes just a day after a helicopter came down killing eleven, including seven U.S. service members.

    International forces officials saying initial evidence is the Black Hawk crashed during a firefight, but the investigation is ongoing. The Taliban saying they shot it down.

    In London, Phil Ittner, FOX News Radio.