Zimmerman’s Lawyer Abandons ‘Stand Your Ground’ Defense

    The lawyer representing the Florida neighborhood watchman who shot and killed Trayvon Martin says he won't be invoking the controversial 'stand your ground' law.

    FOX News Radio's Eben Brown reports from Miami:

    Audio clip:

    George Zimmerman's lawyer says he now won't seek a judge's opinion on whether or not Florida's so-called 'stand your ground' self-defense law would protect the neighborhood watchman from prosecution for the murder of Trayvon Martin. 

    Zimmerman claims he shot the unarmed teen when attacked by him. Attorney Mark O'Mara says he doesn't think the evidence supports use of the law, though he's previously sought to invoke it. He will, however, seek a higher court ruling to have the trial judge removed, claiming percieved bias against Zimmerman.

    In Miami, Eben Brown, FOX News Radio.