Gas Prices & The Presidential Race [VIDEO]

So where do President Obama and Mitt Romney stand on how to handle rising gas prices? How does it factor into the White House race?

FOX's John Roberts reports from Atlanta:

Audio clip:

With gas prices on the rise; now an average $3.69 a gallon, what would the candidates do to keep the price down? For President Obama, the heavy emphasis is on alternative energies and Government mandated fuel efficiency. Mitt Romney's focus is on finding new sources of fossil fuel, including opening waters off the east coast. John Felmy of the American Petroleum Institute says there's a lot more oil and gas out there than we're producing now.

Felmy: "There's a vast amount of oil on Federal lands that we could develop. Over a hundred billion barrels. If we were to produce that amount of oil over 30 years, it would be 10 million barrels a day, or what we import of oil."

Mitt Romney also believes the Government shouldn't pick winners and losers in alternative energies and would limit his funding to basic research, not commercial development.

In Atlanta, John Roberts, FOX News Radio.

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