MN Boy Dies After Contracting Rare Amoeba [VIDEO]

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It's a rare amoeba. Just an average of four cases nationwide every year, according to the CDC; but a Minnesota boy is dead after contracting a brain infection caused by the amoeba after spending a day at the lake.

FOX News Radio's Chris Hoenig has the story:

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(Ariola) "Love your kids, you know.  Whether they don't want the hugs and kisses or not, just do it anyways, 'cause you just don't know when it could really be your last time."

Jim Ariola, remembering his 9-year-old son, Jack, taken off life support Tuesday after developing primary amoebic meningoencephalitis.

(Ariola) "They say once it hits, it's tough to kick."

It's an infection caused by an amoeba found in warm, stagnant freshwater, like Stillwater's Lily Lake, where Jack went swimming last week.  It enters through the nose, attaches to the brain and strikes fast.  Jack fell ill on Friday, and by Saturday night:

(Ariola) "He didn't, he didn't know who I was."

Chris Hoenig, FOX News Radio.

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Editor's note: The last case of PAM in Minnesota was in 2010, when a 7-year-old girl died after contracting the amoeba in Lily Lake, the same lake as Jack Ariola.

WATCH more on PAM and the death of Jack Ariola HERE: