NY Girl Found Clutching Corpse in Water

    What happened? That's a question still being investigated in New York after a girl was found clinging to a corpse.

    FOX News Radio's Dave Anthony reports:

    Audio clip:

    It was an unusual scene Monday in a reservoir north of New York City where swimming is banned. A six-year-old found in the water crying:

    (Johnson) "They rode over to her and observed that she was actually clinging to a lifeless body."

    So Carmel Police Chief Mike Johnson says:

    (Johnson) "They rescued her. Put her in the rowboat."

    The woman she was clinging to had been caring for the little girl while her mother was running an errand.

    It's possible the 59-year-old had a heart attack or other medical emergency. An autopsy is planned to determine how she died.

    As for the six-year-old:

    (Johnson) "Physically she's okay. Mentally she's traumatized."

    In New York, Dave Anthony, FOX News Radio.