Careful Bear Breaks In To CO Chocolate Shop [VIDEO]

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Case closed: Authorities know who is responsible for a meticulous break-in at a Colorado chocolate shop, and the suspect may surprise you.

FOX News Radio's Chris Hoenig tells us who thought this chocolate was just right:

Audio clip:

Jo Adams opened up her Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory store in Estes Park, Colorado last week and noticed...

(Adams) "Some papers on the floor and a little bit of dirt on the counter."

And some candy missing, but nothing else damaged or out of place.

(Adams) "I called my son, and we looked at the surveillance camera."

And who to her wondering eye should appear?

(Adams) "It was a bear."

A young black bear, with a taste for toffee and chocolate-covered Rice Krispies Treats.

(Adams) "He would take a mouthful of it at a time, walk outside, eat it, come back and get another one."

Seven trips in all, over about 16 minutes.  Adams says she learned her lesson.

(Adams) "Just to get the lock fixed."

And she thinks the bear has, too.

(Adams) "I mean, he had to have a stomach ache." 

Chris Hoenig, FOX News Radio.

WATCH surveillance video of the bear in the store HERE: