Family of WI Sikh Temple Gunman Speaks [VIDEO]

There is a lot of grief in Wisconsin, as the community mourns the Sikh Temple massacre. The family of the suspected gunman, Wade Michael Page, also speaking out.

FOX News Radio's Jeff Monosso reports from Oak Creek, Wisconsin:

Audio clip:

The family of the man who shot and killed six before being shot and killed himself,  is reacting, saying they too are shocked.

(Laura) "My heart goes out to those people. I'm as devastated for them. All I can do is put them in my prayers."

Wade Michael Page's stepmother Laura. Three people remain in critical condition.

And as we learn more about who the gunman was, taking an active role in white supremacist groups, investigators still tell us we still might never know for sure the motive.

In Oak Creek, Wisconsin, Jeff Monosso.

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