1 Dead, 9 Injured In NASCAR Post-Race Lightning Strike

Tragedy at the track: A NASCAR fan is dead after a massive storm cut short Sunday's Sprint Cup race in the mountains of central Pennsylvania.

FOX News Radio's Rich Johnson reports:

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When the storm blew through, Pocono Raceway officials warned fans to seek shelter under the more-than half-mile long grandstand. But many decided to head to their cars instead, across acres of flat, open parking lot.

(Witness) "I didn't see nothing but a bang, and a flash... And people laying on the ground."

That man describing the lightning strike near about a dozen people.

(Igdalsky) "Unfortunately, a member of our raceway family here, a fan, has passed away."

Pocono President Brandon Igdalsky announcing the death. Nine others hurt, one still in critical condition.

Rich Johnson, FOX News Radio.

As for the race itself, the storms helped get one driver his first win of the season.

FOX News Radio's Marghiee Teshineh has the results from Pocono Raceway:

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Sunday's Pennsylvania 400 was even shorter thanks to not one, but two rain storms.  After the race, winner Jeff Gordon said that after a season of disappointments...

(Gordon) "Things are coming together at the right time.  The attitude of this team is that we don't ever give up."

Gordon's teammate, Kasey Kahne, came in second.  Martin Truex, Jr. was third.