Man Shoots Wife in OH Hospital Bed

    An Ohio man is in police custody, accused of shooting his wife as she lay in a hospital bed on Saturday night.  Just 14 hours after the shooting, the 65-year-old wife was declared brain dead.

    FOX News Radio's Chris Foster reports:

    Audio clip:

    John and Barbara Wise, married 45 years.  She was admitted to Akron General Medical Center a few days ago.

    (Gosky) "Apparently, the husband of one of our patients came into one of our intensive care units and shot his wife."

    ...Hospital spokesman Jim Gosky.

    (Gosky) "One of the physicians in the room was able to communicate with the shooter, and...long enough where they were able to subdue him."

    John Wise, to be charged with attempted murder.  Police say he fired one shot with a handgun.  Nobody else was hurt.

    Chris Foster, FOX News Radio.

    Editor's note: With the announcement that Barbara Wise has been declared brain dead, the charges against John Wise are expected to be upgraded to murder.