American Dispatch: Something Is Fishy In CentraI Illinois [VIDEO]

By: FOX News Radio’s Jennifer Keiper at the ‘Redneck Fishing Tournament’ in Bath, IL

Even 90 degree heat can’t keep them away from Bath, Illinois this weekend. This event held in this tiny Central Illinois town draws a few thousand over the course of a weekend.

Organizer Betty DeFord says when her family boat outing turned into a nightmare as asian carp started jumping into the boat, she knew something had to be done.

She wanted to raise awareness about the invasive species which can ruin ecosystems. Also, because the fish won’t bite on a pole and hook, she thought using nets would be just the trick to draw folks in.

Of course it’s hard to take it too seriously when folks show up dressed like this…

or this…

or THIS!

But when contestants take to the water, it’s all business.

Watch the VIDEO here:

Sure, this is fun and games; but on any other day, when you’re not expecting it, getting hit by a 10 or 15 pound fish is no picnic.

This reporter took three hits; to the hip, back and arm, and ended up with 15 fish. And not a single one was caught using a net! They all jumped into the boat.

Whoever catches the most fish wins.

Click below to listen to FOX News Radio’s Jennifer Keiper reporting from the Redneck Fishing Tournament in Bath, IL: