Securing America: U.S. Ready to Use Military Against Iran

A trip to Israel has brought more tough talk from U.S. Defense Secretary Leon Panetta about Iran.  In Jerusalem, Panetta said the U.S. is prepared to use military force to keep Iran's nuclear program in check.

FOX's Dominic DiNatale is in Jerusalem with details in our ongoing series on national security:

Audio clip:

Securing America.

We haven't heard him speak like this before.  Three times, at least, he emphatically said all options are on the table when it comes to backing Israel if it strikes Israel, and he was speaking in a military context.

(Panetta) "If they continue, and if they make the decision to proceed with a nuclear weapon, as the Minister has pointed out, we have options that we are prepared to implement to ensure that that does not happen."

The Israeli government says that the U.S. idea of sanctions and diplomacy just isn't working and isn't going to work, and it's very concerned about that.  And says that it will stick to its plan of defending the country, if it has to.