AEHQ: Rounding Up Romney’s Veepstakes

With presumptive Republican Presidential nominee Mitt Romney home from his trip abroad, speculation surrounding who the former Massachusetts governor will select as his running mate is growing.

FOX’s Molly Henneberg reports from Washington that Romney is keeping it all under tight wraps in today’s Election Update:

Now that he’s back in the U.S. after his foreign trip, Governor Mitt Romney is expected to announce his running mate before August 27th – that’s when the Republican National Convention starts.  Who will it be?  Romney was not tipping his hand in an interview with FOX’s Carl Cameron.

(Romney) “I’m not gonna speak about any of the people who might or might not be considered as a VP contender.  I’ve got nothing for you on the VP front, not even the time frame.”

The Romney campaign says people who download its new mobile app, the “Mitt’s VP” app, will get an alert on the big announcement day, and will be the first to know who Romney’s running mate will be.

In Washington, Molly Henneberg, FOX News Radio.

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