It's "fight or flight."  When faced with danger, you can fight or you can run.  A New Jersey pre-teen is alive to tell her tale after a daring fight when her grandfather had a heart attack in his pickup truck.

FOX News Radio's Chris Hoenig has her story:

Driving his granddaughter home from a day of go-karting, Paul Parker knew something wasn't right.

(Bowman) "He said, 'Miranda, just keep talking to me.'"

Thirty seconds later, the 63-year-old was dead.

(Bowman) "I heard his head tap on the window."

But his foot was still pushing the accelerator.

(Bowman) "I panicked and I started screaming."

Then Miranda Bowman took her life into her own hands.  She tried calling 9-1-1, but had no service.  She climbed over Parker and pushed the brake.  It wasn't enough.  So the 12-year-old looked for a way to force the car to stop.

(Bowman) "I just saw woods, so I went through someone's lawn, ran over a little tree, then I took out three other trees and its stump."

...Escaping uninjured.  She credits her EMT father and the TV show "Law & Order" for preparing her for an emergency.

Chris Hoenig, FOX News Radio.

WATCH more on Miranda Bowman's quick thinking HERE:

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