Courtesy: KTXL

A California cat goes for a ride... in a car's engine.

FOX News Radio's Chris Foster reports:

"Pebbles" the cat lives in Rio Linda, California. He was found in a shed 15 miles away after getting caught up in a car engine. Someone found him.

(Munro) "We're not sure really how he got there. I'm thankful for the good Samaritan, the chip that he had so that I could be located."

...and Leann Munro had pet insurance. Pebbles had cuts, burns, and a broken jaw...

(Munro) "It's a big decision with both the vet and myself as to whether we were going to make this effort. So it was a daily, day by day thing. And we just knew that he was a fighter."

He's had a couple of surgeries, and his tail removed at the end, but he's doing okay.

Chris Foster, FOX News Radio.

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