What are the most common mistakes people make at the grill? Here's how to avoid grilling pitfalls with tips from a top pit master.

Barbecue legend Mike Mills says two common mistakes people make at the grill:

Mills: "Their fire is too hot, and they turn the meat too many times."

Mills says that turning dries things out. As for lowering the flame:

Mills: "If you slow it down, the product will be better, and it will seal off and have the juices in it."

Many experts suggest using tongs or metal spatulas since forks pierce the food, leading to lost juices. Same problem when you flatten burgers, steaks, and chops with spatulas.

For easier clean up:

-Trim excess fat from meats -Lift chicken skin to cut away the fat underneath

To prevent sticking:

-Brush the food with a little oil -Spray the cooking grate before you put it on the heat

Lilian Woo, FOX News Radio.

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