Across Great Britain, bells have rung out to mark the start of the Olympic Games. And as London gears up for tonight's opening ceremony, Michelle Obama is there to cheer on Team USA.

Fox News Radio's Emily Wither reports from London:

(Big Ben)

Big Ben striking at 12 mintues past 8 this morning marking the start of the games. Church bells rining out in every corner of the country.


The Olympic torch on the final leg of its journey around the United Kingdom. It'll travel down the River Thames towards the Stadium ahead of tonight's opening ceremony.

Meanwhile Michelle Obama showing her support:

(Michele Obama) "I'm proud to have the chance to have the chance in person, for the very first time in my life, in person, at the Olympics, in London."

She'll only be here for three days but she does have a golden ticket to the hottest show in town tonight. 

In London, Emily Wither, Fox News Radio.