Lawmakers are demanding answers about so-called secret negotiations between the ACLU and the Justice Department regarding the Mount Soledad Veterans Memorial, which contains a cross.

FOX's Shannon Bream reports from Washington:

The ninth circuit ruled it unconstitutional because it sits on public land and the parties are supposed to be negotiating about what will happen to the cross, but the group that maintains the memorial says it was shut out of discussions between the DOJ and ACLU. California Republican Congressman Duncan Hunter says he's very concerned.

(Hunter) "Congressional law says that that cross stands as a memorial in San Diego and if the DOJ is not going to enforce congressional law, they're going to go off on their own in, what appears to be, lockstep with the ACLU. That puts the cross in danger."

Hunter asked DOJ officials for a meeting. He says they refused.

In Washington, Shannon Bream, FOX News Radio.