Fish Fraud: US Seafood Often Mislabeled

    You may not always be getting the fish you pay for.

    FOX News Radio's Bill Vitka explains:

    Audio clip:

    The one that got away may be the fish you thought you had for dinner because the odds are good you didn't get what you ordered. Nearly one-third of the seafood sold in South Florida is mislabeled according to a study by the group, Oceana.

    The most common imposter is king mackerel, which is passed-off as grouper. King mackerel is so high in mercury people are often told to stay away from it.

    It's not just Florida. 55% of the seafood in LA is mislabeled. 48% in Boston. The worst offenders: Sushi restaurants. In LA, it was fish fraud nine out of ten times.

    Bill Vitka, FOX News Radio.