Drone spoofing. That's when a hacker takes control of a drone and tells it what to do. A House Committee hearing stern warnings about potential use by terrorists.

FOX News Radio's Jill Nado has more in our ongoing series on national security:

Securing America.

In the coming years, our airways may be flooded with drones; being used by police, universities, even FedEx is thinking about using drones to deliver packages. But if a terrorist were to 'spoof' a drone:

Humphreys: "It's just another way of hijacking a plane."

GPS Expert Todd Humphreys of the University of Texas.

Humphreys: "In five to ten years, we've got 30,000 of these drones inhabiting our air space. Each one of these could be a potential missile."

Humphreys testifying to Congress and raising questions among lawmakers about why the Department of Homeland Security hasn't done more to regulate drones. They were told by staffers from the General Accounting Office that they don't know why and they're looking for answers too.

In Washington, Jill Nado, FOX News Radio.

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