Social issues are fixing to play a part in the campaigns ahead of November's election.  As the first ads start coming out, one of the sides is accusing the other of not playing fair.

FOX's Shannon Bream reports from Washington in this election update:

From America's Election Headquarters...

A new round of ads from both the Obama campaign and Planned Parenthood's action fund are attacking Mitt Romney on the abortion issue, saying he would ban the procedure in every circumstance.  The Romney campaign calls the ads viciously negative and false.  Romney does support exceptions in the cases of incest, rape and danger to the life of the mother.  Republican strategist Ed Rollins:

(Rollins) "I think it's an issue that, basically, the Democrats are using to try and create a wedge.  They're trying to mobilize women voters, where they have a slight advantage at this point in time."

Analysts say it's early in the campaign cycle for social issue ads, and speculate the President is attacking Romney on multiple fronts, hoping to figure out which issue damages him most.

In Washington, Shannon Bream, FOX News Radio.

WATCH more on the role of social issues in the November election HERE:

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