High on the list of things you don't want to see coming up behind you while you're out on the water: a great white shark.  But a Massachusetts man found just that, part of an increase of near-shore shark sightings that experts say are thanks to the state's effort to protect seals - a shark's preferred meal.

FOX News Radio's Chris Foster has more:

Walter Szulc, Jr., fishing in a kayak off Cape Cod...and up comes a great white.

(Szulc) "I can see the tail, and I can see the pretty wide, round image; so I didn't see the tip of the shark, you know, his head."

...Says it was 12-to-14 feet long.

(Szulc) "I did notice when he turned away, and then I dumped.  I pretty much got up and ran out of there."

He got a picture of the shark's fin...from shore.  A paddle boarder saw a shark - or maybe that one - following him earlier.  One Cape Cod beach, closed briefly Saturday.  Surfers, swimmers and kayakers, told to stay away from seals, the shark's favorite food.

Chris Foster, FOX News Radio.

WATCH more on the MA great white sighting, and one in CA, HERE:

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