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It was a big boom bust, a fireworks fail.  As many people across the country ended the 4th of July with brilliant fireworks displays, one Southern California city proved that sometimes even the pros get it wrong...very wrong.

FOX News Radio's Chris Hoenig has the story:

For about 25 seconds, San Diego put on one monster display...

((Sound of San Diego fireworks))

...except it was supposed to last for 18 minutes.  A technical glitch, causing all of the city's fireworks to fire off at once.  Even worse, it happened about five minutes before the scheduled start time, meaning it was all over before it was even supposed to begin.

More than 500,000 people turned out for the show, which was going to be set to music.  Lee Potter traveled in from Arizona...

(Potter) "No fireworks!  Very disappointed."

Officials sent everyone home.  The show's producers say they're working to figure out exactly what went wrong.

Chris Hoenig, FOX News Radio.

WATCH the San Diego fireworks display HERE: