Organization Reunites Troops, Afghan Dogs

    Photo Courtesy: The Puppy Rescue Mission (Facebook)

    As U.S. troops head home from Afghanistan, some are leaving behind dogs that they bonded with during their tour.  So what happens to these pups when the war is over?

    FOX News Radio's Joy Piazza reports one non-profit organization is reuniting soldiers with their war-time "best friend":

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    Photo Courtesy: The Puppy Rescue Mission (Facebook)

    Anna Cannan began The Puppy Rescue Mission two years ago, after her fiance bonded with a stray puppy while serving in Afghanistan.  She says she wanted to find a way to bring him home.

    (Cannan) "They really provide them with a sense of comfort, and love and loyalty."

    Photo Courtesy: The Puppy Rescue Mission (Facebook)

    But The Puppy Rescue Mission was tough to start, at first, due to the logistical problems with bringing pets to the U.S. from a war zone.

    (Cannan) "We're dealing with a Third-world country.  There's a lot involved and we do our best to work with locals."

    Photo Courtesy: The Puppy Rescue Mission (Facebook)

    Cannan also says the dogs aren't just companions - they can sense danger.  She says three such dogs - Target, Sasha and Rufus - prevented a suicide bomber from killing nearly 50 soldiers at a combat outpost.

    Joy Piazza, FOX News Radio.

    Editor's Note: Cannan says she's taking donations for the dogs, as well as cats, on her website,