What are YOU doing with your summer vacation?  If you're the presumptive Republican Presidential nominee, you're spending it with plenty of family in a swing state.

FOX News Radio's Marga Bessette reports from Manchester, NH in this election update:

From America's Election Headquarters...

Jet skiing, cruising on a lake on a powerboat and playing with the grandkids - just another ordinary vacation here in New Hampshire, right?  Expect that we're talking about likely Republican Presidential nominee Mitt Romney, whose $8 million estate on Lake Winnepesaukee is now crowded with photographers, media and interested onlookers, along with his family - which includes 18 grandchildren.

All 30 members of the Romney clan will gather for their annual family picture this week.  Romney and his family appeared briefly in public Sunday, as they attended services at a Mormon church in Wolfeboro.

In Manchester, New Hampshire, Marga Bessette, FOX News Radio.