One of the giants in the prescription drug industry is going to be settling up a major fine after admitting to fraud over two of its popular medications.

FOX News Radio's Jared Halpern has details from Washington:

GlaxoSmithKline agrees to pay $3 billion and plead guilty to promoting two popular drugs for unapproved uses.

(Cole) "It underscores our robust commitment to protecting the American people from the scourge of healthcare fraud."

Deputy Attorney General James Cole, calling it the largest healthcare fraud settlement in U.S. history.  The government accuses GlaxoSmithKline of encouraging Paxil for children, even though it was not approved for patients under 18.  The company, also charged with failing to report two studies of heart safety connected with the diabetes drug Avandia.

In Washington, Jared Halpern, FOX News Radio.