Lawmakers: Sandusky Could Keep Pension

    He's lost his freedom, but it looks like he might not lose his pension.  As it stands now, former Penn State assistant Jerry Sandusky is still getting paid, though that could change.

    FOX News Radio's Jane Metzler reports:

    Audio clip:

    Convicted last Friday on 45 child sex abuse counts, ex-Penn St. coach Jerry Sandusky, still collecting his public employee pension - about $59,000 a year.  He took a $148,000 lump sum payment when he retired in December of '99.

    (State Sen. Folmer) "As it's written, per se, I mean, he would be able to get his pension."

    ...State Sen. Mike Folmer.  Pennsylvania law says a former public employee can lose benefits for offenses like theft or perjury.  A school employee can forfeit for sexual offenses involving students.

    A hearing on Sandusky's benefits, likely in about three months - same time as his sentencing.

    Jane Metzler, FOX News Radio.