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Here's what's going viral now on Facebook.

"Katy Perry - Wide Awake"

Katy steps through the looking glass in this fairy-tale themed music video that mixes elements of the pop star's real life with fantasy. From the fantastical world crumbling under the glaring papparazzi to Katy giving Prince Charming a pretty mean right hook.

Then, there's this:

"Duck Run"

This clip shows a fluffy baby duck chirping and frantically chasing after the person filming this adorable video, obviously mistaking the director for its mom.

And, facebook users are hitting the "Like" button on:

"Monsters University - Pony"

It's a trailer for Pixar's prequel to Monsters, Inc. Answering the question: What did Mike and Sulley do before working on the Scare Floor? The teaser shows the lovable monster Sulley pranking little Mike by turning the round, green, one-eyed monster into a disco ball and using him as a prop for a dorm party.

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