New Allegations Against Sandusky From Son as Jury Deliberates [VIDEO]

His adopted son now says Jerry Sandusky is a child molester, but the jury in deliberations, doesn't know that new allegation.

Bob Hauer from FOX News Radio affiliate WHP reports from Bellefonte, Pennsylvania:

Audio clip:

While the jury was deliberating last night, the former Penn State assistant coach's adopted son, through his attorney, announced he himself was abused by Jerry Sandusky.

His attorney didn't provide more details and the defense didn't respond to that allegation.

Since the jury is sequestered that is information they likely didn't hear, as they consider the 48 counts Sandusky is officially facing.

The jury is set to resume deliberations by reviewing Mike McQuearys testimony. He's the Assistant Coach who claims he saw Sandusky in the shower with a boy.

In Bellefonte, PA, Bob Hauer, FOX News Radio.

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