FL Principal Charged In Drug Scandal

    They're supposed to do the right things, make sure the right things are being taught to your kids.  But a principal at an elementary school near the popular Disney World resort faces charges for possession of illegal drugs and drug paraphernalia.

    Jennifer Bisram of FOX affiliate WOFL reports from Kissimmee:

    Audio clip:

    Deputies say the elementary school principal wasn't selling the drugs, but he possessed it and provided it to an undercover cop from his home.  A principal at Partin Settlement Elementary School, 48-year-old David Groover, is facing seven counts of drug charges.

    (Neighbor) "It certainly concerns us because of his status and also his community responsibility."

    Osceola County deputies say they did a sting operation after receiving complaints of possible drug activity at Groover's St. Cloud home.

    (Neighbor) "Totally shocked, yeah."

    Deputies say Groover gave the agent meth, along with other drugs.  And, when they searched his home, they found meth, marijuana, date rape drugs and steroids.