AEHQ: Obama & Romney Dueling Speeches [VIDEO]

Republican Presidential candidate Mitt Romney and President Obama made dueling campaign speeches at opposite ends of Ohio on Thursday.

FOX News Radio's Steve Taylor has more from Washington in this election update:

Audio clip:

From America's Election Headquarters.

President Obama began his Cleveland speech right after Mitt Romney finished his in Cincinnati, which meant the President could bat back Romney criticisms.  When Romney said:

(Romney) "The policies the President put in place did not make America create more jobs.  As a matter of fact, he made it harder."

The President could say:

(President Obama) "When my opponent and others were arguing that we should let Detroit go bankrupt, we made a bet on American workers and the ingenuity of American companies, and today, our auto industry is back on top of the world."

Both candidates said economic issues like those will dominate the campaign.

Steve Taylor, FOX News Radio.

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