AEHQ: Which Candidate is Better for the Economy? [VIDEO]

The economy could be the deciding factor in November's Presidential election, and a new poll indicates that right now, it's hurting President Obama.  So will there be a shift from the President in his campaign?

FOX News White House Correspondent Ed Henry reports from the White House in this election update:

Audio clip:

From America's Election Headquarters...

President Obama's poll numbers keep dropping as the economy stalls.  A new Reuters/Ipsos poll shows his job approval rating among Independents has plummeted 13 points in one month.

James Carville is warning his party it could face an "impossible headwind in November," unless the President launches a dramatic shift in strategy.  Carville believes it's a mistake to keep talking about progress because voters don't feel it.  Yet it does not sound like the President is getting the message.  On Thursday, he'll deliver his first big economic speech of the general election, and aides say it will not have any new policies.

At the White House, Ed Henry, FOX News Radio.

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