Housecall for Health: Who’s Healthier, Early Birds or Night Owls?

The early bird catches the worm...and some extra antibodies, apparently.  New research suggests you may want to trade in those late-night drinks for an early cup of coffee.

FOX's Colleen Cappon explains in today's "Housecall for Health":

Audio clip:

Want to be healthier and happier?  You may want to consider trying to be a morning person.  New research from the University of Toronto says that people who are early to rise are more positive, and get better quality sleep than night owls - which impacts the immune system.

The study is good news for those heading toward their "golden years."  Data found late-night habits fade with age, so by 60, the majority of people tend to rise and shine.

Housecall for Health, I'm Colleen Cappon, FOX News Radio.