Australian Coroner Rules: Dingo Did Take Baby

    A battle for justice that has been fought in Australia for more than 30 years is now over. A coroner has ruled a dingo was responsible for the 1980 death of baby Azaria Chamberlain.

    FOX News Radio's Lesley Yeomans reports from Australia: 

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    It's take 32 years and four coronial inquests but it is now official: 9-week-old Azaria Chamberlain was taken from the family campsite and killed by a dingo.

    Her mother Lindy had always maintained a dingo was responsible, but she wasn't believed. She was charged with murder and sent to jail.

    In 1988 her conviction was overturned, but the cause of Azaria's death was still open.

    Now, in 2012, the Chamberlain's fight for justice is over with the fourth coronial inquest finding a dingo was to blame. And Azaria's death certificate has been changed to reflect that.

    In Australia, Lesley Yeomans, FOX News Radio.