Securing America: Vets Using Art as Therapy

War veterans are finding a new way to deal with the stresses they face returning home, turning to a form of therapy that involves arts and crafts.

FOX's Anna Kooiman is in Branchburg, NJ with more in our ongoing series on national security:

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Securing America.

Vets come together every Sunday at The Print-Making Center of New Jersey to sip coffee, share war stories and heal while making what they call "Combat Paper," ripped up fatigues turned into artwork.  Many say this form of group therapy is what works best for them.

The "Combat Paper" program started in 2007.  It has reached hundreds of veterans across the country through a traveling program, and about 40 in New Jersey.  "Combat Paper" recently wrapped up a program at Walter Reed Army Medical Center in Washington, D.C.  It was the first time active military participated in the therapy program making paper, and it received an overwhelming positive response, including efforts to make it a recurring program.

In Branchburg, New Jersey, Anna Kooiman, FOX News Radio.