Shooting Leaves Auburn Football Players Dead [VIDEO]

Six people were shot, three fatally, in a shooting near Auburn University early Sunday morning.  Among the victims, three members of Auburn's 2011 football team.  Two of those players, offensive lineman Edward Christian and fullback Ladarious Phillips, died.  The alleged shooter, Desmonte Leonard, escaped the scene before police arrived.

FOX News Radio's Don Mathisen has more:

Audio clip:

Police are charging Leonard with capital murder in the shooting death of three people, including two former Auburn University football players.

(Dawson) "Emergency medical personnel responded, transported two additional subjects that were later pronounced deceased."

Auburn Police Chief Tommy Dawson.  Three others were wounded in the incident.  The shootings happening during a party at an apartment complex near the university.  Witnesses say there was a dispute over a woman.

Don Mathisen, FOX News Radio.

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