Mom Explains Why Gas Can, Not Child, Was in Safety Seat [VIDEO]

Courtesy: Aurora Police

A Colorado mother tries to explain herself after an embarrassing photo made the rounds online.

FOX News Radio's Dave Anthony reports:

Audio clip:

Sandra Ramirez insists she is not a bad mom.

(Ramirez) "I can't believe it's exploded the way it has."

After an Aurora, Colorado police photo got a lot of publicity this week, showing a gas can in a toddler's car seat and her two-year-old sitting next to it. She says her son unbuckled himself.

(Ramirez) "I see him flip over the car seat itself and put on his big boy seat belt."

And then her older son got involved.

(Son) "The gas can, I was holding it and it was full and I didn't want it to spill so I just set it in the car seat. I didn't strap it or nothing."

...Though the picture does show it strapped in. Ramirez got four tickets and is due in traffic court later this month.

(Ramirez) "I've learned my lesson. I do not drive and I am selling my vehicle."

Dave Anthony, FOX News Radio.

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