Bear Eats Convicted Murderer

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    A wild animal pays the ultimate price for cleaning up his neighborhood.

    FOX News Radio's Kirstin McNary explains:

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    A black bear, suspected of eating the remains of a convicted murderer, euthanized. Canadian wildlife officials say it pulled the already-dead man from his car on a remote logging road. 

    British Columbia Environment Minister Terry Lake says the last thing the want to do is put an animal down, but...

    (Lake) "This bear had obviously used human remains as a food source and so the concern was that other humans that would come into contract with this bear would be at risk because they would also be considered a food source."

    Fifty-four-year-old Rory Wagner did time after pleading guilty to second-degree murder in 1984 for killing a man he thought had sexually assaulted a family member.

    Kirstin McNary, FOX News Radio.